Final Fantasy VII

~ For the little story ~

Arrrffff... what to say...
Final Fantasy VII, remains my favorite RPG game !!!

At that time (1995-1996), I had bought the first model of Playstation 1 (and I spent all my money).
And I had no money to buy games...

About one year later, a good friend share me theses Final Fanatasy VII CDs (because this game is in 3 CDs on Playstation 1), after he personally advanced in this game.
And me, I was subjugated by this universe: scenarios, graphics, musics, cutscenes, mini-games... (since the first CD) :)

So I quickly finished this game and after I learned that there were other quests that could be played (then I have completed this game)...

(I learned a lot of things with this game, between 1997 and 1998).

[After, I personally bought this game for Playstation 1, and a long time after also bought on "Steam": to play again, again and again...]

About (again) one year later (1999), I started computing and quickly I decided to dedicate a video to Final Fantasy VII (with my poor first PC) !!!
My computer skills (and my computer) were really limited at that time, but after a long and hard work, I finally created this video (from the cutscenes and musics of the original Playstation 1 game CDs).

This video is not perfect (it's sure) and there are inconsistencies in the scenes and musics, but that's just how I felt at the time...
[You have bonus, after 33 minutes]

Good viewing, and if you want to buy this game, it is always available on "Steam"...

[And Really very thanks for these creators...]