Windows Freewares

~ Some Clean Homebrew Freewares For Windows ~

(Compatible With Windows: 7, 8, 10, 11... | 32 & 64 Bits)
(All Are Portable => Just Unzip And Run ".exe" File)
(You Have A "README.txt" File In All ZIP Files)

All Softwares (Freewares) Below Have Been Developed In C Language ;)
(Most Are Developed in C ANSI [sorry], And Others In C UNICODE...)
(And Maybe Compatible With "Wine" On Linux, macOS, & BSD , Or Not !)

[ If You Want To Check A MD5 Sum Of A Software Below, You Can Use: 42 Hashes v1.0 ]

[UNICODE Freewares]

Name / Download Screenshot Description
42 Audio Recorder v1.0


(MD5: 1811abde37252ee703bfa358bcddbf2e)

This Software Is A Simple Audio Recorder
You Can Record Audio From Your PC (From Input Source Or Output Source)
(Record Audio To A WAVE File)
42 FFmpeg Front-End v2.0


(MD5: e511608ada6fc294308a050fac764fa0)

This Software Is A Simple Front-End For FFmpeg
You Can Re-Encode Or Convert Video And Audio Files
(Supported: Subtitles, Batch Mode, Join Mode, Extract Audio From Video...)
(You Can Also Get Media File Informations)

This Software Is The Successor Of "42 FFMPEG Video Front-End v1.1"

And You Can Download Windows FFmpeg Versions On This Page:
(See Section "More downloading options")
(Tested With "ffmpeg-6.0")
42 Get Folder Counts v1.0


(MD5: b3a39d62d7d09a55e49455876b237ba0)

This Software Count Files And Folders (From Selected Folder) And Get The Total Size
(Folder Recursion Supported)
42 Search And Execute v1.2


(MD5: 677ba75336ae4f8368365f15b085c931)

This Software Search Files On PC (With Or Without Filters)
And You Can Open Folder, Execute Selected File
Or Execute Random File In Results List
42 Sync Folder v1.0


(MD5: cb6af567b3581b25241564761b37aff0)

This Software Synchronize 2 Folders
(Copy Files/Folders From Source Folder To Destination Folder)

(Many Parameters: Log To File / Recursion [Or Not] /
Overwrite [With Or Without Check Files Date/Time] /
Remove Destination [Files/Folders] If Not Exists In Source Folder)

[ANSI Freewares]

(UNICODE Characters Not Supported)

Name / Download Screenshot Description
42 Chess Board v4.0


(MD5: 33cb545992fe106a526f760ab4b91f28)

This Software Is A Full Chess Game Implementation
You Can Play Chess (Offline), With IA (UCI IA Engine) Or Without (2 Human Players)

Save/Load FEN Files, Select/Cancel/Rewind A Position,
Export All Chessboard Moves To Images (Bitmap),
Load 4 UCI IA Engines
[UCI IA Engine: Auto-Think, Auto-Play, Multi-Threads, Strength Limit], ...

(To Play Against Computer, Download UCI IA Engines, Read The "README.txt" File)
42 Disassembler v1.0


(MD5: 89bb835002aaef4d303a3cc9f4e1fd25)

This Software Is A Simple Disassembler For Microsoft Windows Binaries Files

(Supports 32Bits AND 64Bits EXE or DLL Files)

(To Disassemble 32Bits Files, Run "42Disassembler1_x32.exe")
(To Disassemble 64Bits Files, Run "42Disassembler1_x64.exe")
42 DOSBox Front-End v1.0


(MD5: fd44631600fcad05f22822b477531e66)

This Software Is A Simple Front-End For DOSBox.
It's Easy To Manage And Launch Your Old DOS Games...

("DOS42.db" File Is The Software Database)

You Can Download DOSBox At This Address:
42 FFMPEG Video Front-End v1.1


(MD5: 4b280a6a6e8a1b302b3de6eb74e0e10c)

This Software Is A Simple Front-End For FFmpeg To Encode Or Convert Video File
(You Can Choose/Enter Some Parameters)
(You Can Also Get Media File Informations)

And You Can Download Windows FFmpeg Versions On This Page:
(See Section "More downloading options")
(Tested With "ffmpeg-4.2.2" And "ffmpeg-5.0.1")
42 Get Import DLL v1.0


(MD5: 4c1b1347b2054a3fb4ffc6931639cf79)

This Software "Scan" EXE or DLL To Find Dependencies DLL
(And You Can Copy DLL Dependencies To A Folder)
("Recurse" Option, Recursively "Scan" DLL Found DLL Dependencies)
42 Hashes v1.0


(MD5: 52c61545f1c54e39b4f89afdd8f93da1)

This Software Can Get Hash From A Text Or From A File

Supported Hashes Format:
42 Knock v1.0


(MD5: d918fbe6e8b730f36dfad464dcd026dc)

This Software Is A Simple "Port Knocker" (Client)

(Port Knocking ->

(To Install A Port Knock Daemon, Install "knockd" On Your Server)
[Example To Install On Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install knockd]
42 M3U8 Downloader v2.0


(MD5: 3f4bfa49e6a248b2b391f090022651f9)

This Software Is A Simple Front-End For FFmpeg
To Download Stream (Video/Audio) From M3U8 Playlist
(Example: Download A Video From A Streaming Website)

And You Can Download Windows FFMPEG Versions On This Page:
(See Section "More downloading options")
(Tested With "ffmpeg-4.2.2" And "ffmpeg-5.0.1")
42 Morse Language v2.0


(MD5: db6926534adefc7e634b3784a083aa3f)

This Software Is A Morse Language Audio Transmitter

You Can Transmit (Play Sounds) Text Message On Morse Language
(Play Sounds At 1000Hz)

You Can Also Save The Transmission To A WAV File...
(Mono, 11025Hz)
42 NFC Classic 1K v1.0


(MD5: 809f6fecc346c62984ce8518a3c8be37)

This Software Can Read/Write NFC Classic 1K Cards (Or Tags...)
You Can Also Test Keys Of The Card...

(Tested With "ACS ACR122U" Reader/Writer)
42 NTP Client v1.0


(MD5: 0a63b96296d048182e9d1ef9940752f3)

This Software Is A Simple NTP Client
You Can Use To Get Date/Time From A NTP Server
And You Can Also Use To Update Your Windows System Date/Time

(This Software Uses UDP Connection On Port 123 [Timeout 20 Seconds])
42 RTL-FM Stream v2.0


(MD5: 2885cee92c44b6538750d57f4d0ac592)

This Software Is A Simple GUI To Stream FM Radio
(GUI For: rtl_fm, ffmpeg + ffplay)

(You Need To Have A RTL-SDR USB Dongle [Based On The Realtek RTL2832U])
42 SDL Sudoku v1.0


(MD5: d9c52693fccf910335ffd4818b733046)

This Game Is A Simple (SDL) Sudoku Game Implementation

(3 Levels And 10000 Random Games Are Availables)
42 Search In File v1.0


(MD5: 40badda3043a551e6ab5f4690e8eed30)

This Software Search In Files A Word / Sentence
Just Define The Root Folder, Search Options And Go

(Recursive Folder Search Available)
42 Simple Audio Chat v1.0


(MD5: f5bb68e88511f54904437c3d2035adcd)

This Software Is A Simple Network Audio/Text Chat
You Can Speak/Listen Audio Chat And/Or Send/Receive Text Messages
It Works On Network (Between 2 PC) With TLS Encryption (TLS >= 1.2) !

Audio: 48000 Hz / 2 Channels / 32-bit (floating point samples)
Audio Network Bandwidth: Between 20 And 25 KB/s
42 Simple ChatRoom v3.2


(MD5: 43bb9b7bd9afddab23d8390fe6de0975)

This Software Is A Simple ChatRoom
You Can Create A Server Or Connect As Client To Chat
Public Chat And Private Chats Available
Manage Clients Accounts
SOCKSv5 Client Connection Supported

(ALL Connections And Chats Are Encrypted [TLSv1.2])
(Max Clients Per Server: 200)
42 Voice Synthesis v1.0


(MD5: 5bd603b166a3d547313ad1786205ba68)

This Software Can Speech Text (Voice Synthesis)
And You Can Save Text Speech To WAVE File...

(6 Languages Supported: EN, EN-US, FR, DE, IT, ES)
42 Webcam v2.0


(MD5: 5ebc60497fbb8f280eeeef88de6571fc)

This Software Can Capture Image Or Video From A Webcam
(And Save Capture To An Output File)
(If You Want, You Can Also Compress Video)
42 Whois Client v1.0


(MD5: 6f23fbd87ab4a42afa4b5751177bc8b1)

This Software Is A Simple WHOIS Client
You Can Get Informations About: Domain Or Subdomain Or IPv4 Or IPv6