Windows Freewares

~ Some Clean Homebrew Freewares For Windows ~

(Compatible With Windows: 7, 8, 10... | 32 & 64 Bits)
(All Are Portable => Just Unzip And Run ".exe" File)

All Softwares (Freewares) Below Have Been Developed In C Language ;)
(C ANSI, Not Unicode Sorry...)
(And Maybe Compatible With " Wine " On Linux, macOS, & BSD , Or Not !)

[ If You Want To Check A MD5 Sum Of A Software Below, You Can Use: 42 Hashes v1.0 ]

Name / Download Screenshot Description
42 Chess Board v4.0


(MD5: 33cb545992fe106a526f760ab4b91f28)

This Software Is A Full Chess Game Implementation
You Can Play Chess (Offline), With IA (UCI IA Engine) Or Without (2 Human Players)

Save/Load FEN Files, Select/Cancel/Rewind A Position,
Export All Chessboard Moves To Images (Bitmap),
Load 4 UCI IA Engines
[UCI IA Engine: Auto-Think, Auto-Play, Multi-Threads, Strength Limit], ...

(To Play Against Computer, Download UCI IA Engines, Read The "README.txt" File)
42 Disassembler v1.0


(MD5: 89bb835002aaef4d303a3cc9f4e1fd25)

This Software Is A Simple Disassembler For Microsoft Windows Binaries Files

(Supports 32Bits AND 64Bits EXE or DLL Files)

(To Disassemble 32Bits Files, Run "42Disassembler1_x32.exe")
(To Disassemble 64Bits Files, Run "42Disassembler1_x64.exe")
42 DOSBox Front-End v1.0


(MD5: fd44631600fcad05f22822b477531e66)

This Software Is A Simple Front-End For DOSBox.
It's Easy To Manage And Launch Your Old DOS Games...

("DOS42.db" File Is The Software Database)

You Can Download DOSBox At This Address:
42 FFmpeg Front-End v1.1


(MD5: 393c6e973001b0556e576bfd132562bb)

This Software Is A Simple Front-End For FFmpeg
You Can Re-Encode Or Convert Video And Audio Files
(Supported: Subtitles, Batch Mode, Join Mode, Extract Audio From Video...)
(You Can Also Get Media File Informations)

This Software Is The Successor Of "42 FFMPEG Video Front-End v1.1"

And You Can Download Windows FFmpeg Versions On This Page:
(See Section "More downloading options")
(Tested With "ffmpeg-4.3.1" And "ffmpeg-5.0.1")
42 FFMPEG Video Front-End v1.1


(MD5: 4b280a6a6e8a1b302b3de6eb74e0e10c)

This Software Is A Simple Front-End For FFmpeg To Encode Or Convert Video File
(You Can Choose/Enter Some Parameters)
(You Can Also Get Media File Informations)

And You Can Download Windows FFmpeg Versions On This Page:
(See Section "More downloading options")
(Tested With "ffmpeg-4.2.2" And "ffmpeg-5.0.1")
42 Get Import DLL v1.0


(MD5: 4c1b1347b2054a3fb4ffc6931639cf79)

This Software "Scan" EXE or DLL To Find Dependencies DLL
(And You Can Copy DLL Dependencies To A Folder)
("Recurse" Option, Recursively "Scan" DLL Found DLL Dependencies)
42 Hashes v1.0


(MD5: 52c61545f1c54e39b4f89afdd8f93da1)

This Software Can Get Hash From A Text Or From A File

Supported Hashes Format:
42 Knock v1.0


(MD5: d918fbe6e8b730f36dfad464dcd026dc)

This Software Is A Simple "Port Knocker" (Client)

(Port Knocking ->

(To Install A Port Knock Daemon, Install "knockd" On Your Server)
[Example To Install On Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install knockd]
42 M3U8 Downloader v2.0


(MD5: 3f4bfa49e6a248b2b391f090022651f9)

This Software Is A Simple Front-End For FFmpeg
To Download Stream (Video/Audio) From M3U8 Playlist
(Example: Download A Video From A Streaming Website)

And You Can Download Windows FFMPEG Versions On This Page:
(See Section "More downloading options")
(Tested With "ffmpeg-4.2.2" And "ffmpeg-5.0.1")
42 Morse Language v1.0


(MD5: f66954d6a7c7a51476c659f1ac5946fb)

This Software Is A Morse Language Transmitter
You Can Transmit (Play Sounds) Text Message On Morse Language

(Play Sounds At 1000Hz)
42 NFC Classic 1K v1.0


(MD5: 809f6fecc346c62984ce8518a3c8be37)

This Software Can Read/Write NFC Classic 1K Cards (Or Tags...)
You Can Also Test Keys Of The Card...

(Tested With "ACS ACR122U" Reader/Writer)
42 NTP Client v1.0


(MD5: 0a63b96296d048182e9d1ef9940752f3)

This Software Is A Simple NTP Client
You Can Use To Get Date/Time From A NTP Server
And You Can Also Use To Update Your Windows System Date/Time

(This Software Uses UDP Connection On Port 123 [Timeout 20 Seconds])
42 RTL-FM Stream v1.0


(MD5: cc0e7829aabb6ce0ba4030bd13f01ca4)

This Software Is A Simple GUI To Stream FM Radio
(GUI For: rtl_fm, ffmpeg, vlc)

(You Need To Have A SDR USB Dongle [Based On The Realtek RTL2832U])
42 SDL Sudoku v1.0


(MD5: d9c52693fccf910335ffd4818b733046)

This Game Is A Simple (SDL) Sudoku Game Implementation

(3 Levels And 10000 Random Games Are Availables)
42 Search And Execute v1.1


(MD5: 5d3e1cedfd814f1ced6b4c0f40d1c304)

This Software Search Files On PC (With Or Without Filters)
And You Can Open Folder, Execute Selected File
Or Execute Random File In Results List
42 Search In File v1.0


(MD5: 40badda3043a551e6ab5f4690e8eed30)

This Software Search In Files A Word / Sentence
Just Define The Root Folder, Search Options And Go

(Recursive Folder Search Available)
42 Simple Audio Chat v1.0


(MD5: f5bb68e88511f54904437c3d2035adcd)

This Software Is A Simple Network Audio/Text Chat
You Can Speak/Listen Audio Chat And/Or Send/Receive Text Messages
It Works On Network (Between 2 PC) With TLS Encryption (TLS >= 1.2) !

Audio: 48000 Hz / 2 Channels / 32-bit (floating point samples)
Audio Network Bandwidth: Between 20 And 25 KB/s
42 Simple ChatRoom v3.2


(MD5: 43bb9b7bd9afddab23d8390fe6de0975)

This Software Is A Simple ChatRoom
You Can Create A Server Or Connect As Client To Chat
Public Chat And Private Chats Available
Manage Clients Accounts
SOCKSv5 Client Connection Supported

(ALL Connections And Chats Are Encrypted [TLSv1.2])
(Max Clients Per Server: 200)
42 Voice Synthesis v1.0


(MD5: 5bd603b166a3d547313ad1786205ba68)

This Software Can Speech Text (Voice Synthesis)
And You Can Save Text Speech To WAVE File...

(6 Languages Supported: EN, EN-US, FR, DE, IT, ES)
42 Webcam v2.0


(MD5: 5ebc60497fbb8f280eeeef88de6571fc)

This Software Can Capture Image Or Video From A Webcam
(And Save Capture To An Output File)
(If You Want, You Can Also Compress Video)
42 Whois Client v1.0


(MD5: 6f23fbd87ab4a42afa4b5751177bc8b1)

This Software Is A Simple WHOIS Client
You Can Get Informations About: Domain Or Subdomain Or IPv4 Or IPv6